Australia is an exciting destination for world-class treatment. Watch our webinar with Australian industry leaders and medical providers to learn why so many people are traveling “down under” for treatment and a forecast for the future of healthcare in the nation. 

Mymedchoices brings you a global series on the future of virtual healthcare and medical tourism featuring experts, government officials, and top industry leaders. This month our featured destination is Australia. 

Key Takeaways: 

  • The impact of COVID on Australia i.e. statistics on cases by State
  • The impact on travel and current border restrictions etc.
  • The impact on the local economy and expectations for growth in 2021 and beyond
  • The move to digital/telehealth treatments 
  • What Australia is doing for the aging population post COVID-19

Watch the full webinar on YouTube here. 

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Mary Schreiber Swenson, PhD
Founder and CEO
My Med Choices™, Inc

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Destination Australia

Reporting from all over the world: Mymedchoices brings you a global series on the future of virtual healthcare and medical tourism featuring experts, government officials, and top industry leaders. We’ll be heading to a new destination every month!


Mirna Sarihodzic, Senior Advisor, International Trade & Investment, Foley & Associates Pty Ltd

10 years’ industry experience in international trade & investment advisory and consulting in Europe and Australia.

Mirna is an accomplished researcher and presenter. She shares a current market overview in Australia and an update on COVID-19.

Greg Jenke, Director, Ramsay Travel for Treatment Australia 

Ramsay Healthcare is a “best in class” healthcare facility in Australia and around the world. Before becoming the director of Ramsay in Australia, Greg was the CEO of John Flynn Private Hospital and served in a leadership capacity in healthcare facilities for over 32 years. 

Greg shares “Why Australia should be your choice in TOP medical and wellness care!” Ramsay provides over 480 locations in 11 countries making it one of the largest and most diverse private healthcare facilities in the world – in his segment on the webinar, he shares why so many patients choose to travel to Australia for medical treatment..

Dr. James Reidy, MD, Orthopedic Surgeon, John Flynn Private Hospital, Australia

Meet one of the doctors who will provide treatment to your patients in Australia: Dr. James Reidy. Dr. Reidy is an orthopedic surgeon at Orthopedics Gold Coast. A one-stop-shop for all surgical disciplines of orthopedics (neck down to foot). 

Dr. Reidy will share about their first in class Orthopedic treatments, including the innovative use of robotics. See what makes Dr. Reidy your first choice in care in the Gold Coast (aka “surfer’s paradise”). .

Kate Barr, Stakeholder Engagement Manager, Destination Gold Coast 

Kate Barr is a marketing and destination specialist centered in Australia’s Gold Coast. 

Learn why so many people around the world love the Gold Coast and discover the natural attractions that make this destination irresistible.

Joseph A. Benanti, PT
President, Vine Branch Consulting
Co-Owner of Senior Rehab Source

Joseph Benanti, PT has over 33 years of experience in health care administration and consulting including directing new business development in the industrial, extended care, home care, and companion care marketplace nationally and internationally. 

Joseph shares about what’s going on in senior rehab and dealing with the elderly. He shares helpful insight on where this industry is going and how we can support seniors. 

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My Med Choices is an efficient healthcare marketplace giving you more choices and options on your medical and wellness care. We help you find choices within the United States or anywhere in the world. We work with your insurance company, government agency, or private pay to send you to the best JCI Accredited Centers of Excellence. 

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