Exploring the Benefits of Telehealth for Employers and Employees

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Imagine waking up on a Monday morning with your throat feeling like sandpaper. You’ve been up all night, and your pounding head makes leaving bed feel impossible, but you have to get up. The kids have to go to school, and you have to attend a demonstration at work today. There is no time to wait in a busy urgent care office.

Luckily, you work for a company that understands that getting sick happens, which means your health benefits include access to a telemedicine program. It’s easy for you to make an appointment through an app on your phone. Within moments, you’re speaking with a real doctor, all from the comfort of your home.  

The Advantages of Telemedicine and the Impact on Business

Scenarios like the one above are becoming increasingly commonplace. More and more employers are starting to offer telemedicine services to their employees. In fact, 96% of all major employers want to make telehealth increasingly available to their employees this year. The reason why employers are making a push toward telemedicine is that it offers a variety of benefits to both the company and its employees. Let’s take a look at the health benefits and cost-saving advantages of using telehealth services.

The Benefits of Telehealth Services for Employees

The benefits of telehealth include being able to contact a doctor 24/7


  • Almost Zero Wait Time

One of the biggest benefits of telehealth is how convenient it makes it to access care quickly. By simply using a smartphone, tablet, or computer, employees can be put in contact with a medical expert around the clock. People can get access to care for minor ailments like colds, aches, and pains without having to wait at an Urgent Care Center or trying to find time to meet with a family physician during their already busy weekday.

  • Save on Travel Costs

It can be time-consuming and expensive for patients to travel to see a doctor. Being able to get in touch with a physician over the phone means that people can get health services virtually anywhere. That means employees can save on gas or public transportation expenses. Not having to travel for appointments can prevent employees from missing work or losing hours of pay.

  • Easier Access to Better Care

Telehealth services empower patients by offering them broader access to care. Not only can employees receive a general medical consultation with a telehealth physician over the phone, but they can also contact specialized medical experts more easily. This is especially helpful for those living in rural areas who might have limited access to specialized care, like cardiac, bariatric, dental, and orthopedic services.

The Benefits of Telemedicine for Employers

Using telehealth services can help employers significantly reduce healthcare costs.


  • Lower Cost of Health Benefits

Including telemedicine as part of a portfolio for group employee benefits has become an important way to contain costs. Telehealth services reduce office co-pays for employees while lessening claim costs to the employer’s group healthcare plan.

 The American Medical Association (AMA) has stated that 70% of doctor’s office visits can be conducted over the phone and about 50% of ER visits are non-emergencies. By using telemedicine, savings in claim costs range from about $300 annually for a single employee to more than $1000 per year for a family of four.

  • Less Sick Leave and Absent Employees

Telemedicine allows employees to stay on top of their health and get in touch with a doctor nearly 24/7. This is especially helpful for those who have chronic conditions, like diabetes, asthma, or arthritis. In some cases, telemedicine can be used to help facilitate access to other types of benefits such as mental health services, addiction recovery, and more.

  • Help With Recruiting New Talent and Maintaining Current Employees

 According to a recent survey, 77% of individuals want access to telehealth services and only 19% already have this access. Today, people are starting to expect more immediate access to care and are interested in using digital resources. Being able to offer employees telehealth benefits as part of a larger health benefits package is a great way to entice new hires and provide value to current employees.

Providing More Options and Choices in Healthcare

Offering employees the ability to access more care options through telemedicine is an important time and cost-saving endeavor. Many businesses and individuals see the benefits of telehealth, and companies like mymedchoices can help self-insured employers expand access to healthcare services.

Our Centers of Excellence work with the most reputable hospitals, physicians, and clinical experts to provide patients with high-quality healthcare options domestically and internationally. Through our Center of Excellence program, we provide coverage to active employees, retired employees, and dependents. Explore the benefits of telemedicine and contact us today. 

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