How Organizations Can Reduce Healthcare Cost While Maintaining the High Quality of Healthcare Globally

For Self-Funded Organizations, Businesses, and Private Individuals

Mymedchoices provides support services to self-insured employers. We help reduce costs while providing their employees with high-quality care options through our Centers of Excellence. We guarantee better outcomes, transparency in pricing, data analytics, and a higher quality of specialized care. We provide the following health and wellness services and healthcare products:


Gynecologic services


Osteopathic medicine


Orthopedic medicine


General surgery


24/7 Telehealth monitoring worldwide


Cardiac services


Bariatric surgery


Dental services


Addiction services


Wellness assistance

Bundled Payment Options for Self-Funded Employers

Mymedchoices can offer self-funded employers a better quality of care and choices through our Centers of Excellence. We can provide employees the most respected physicians, hospital leaders, nurses, and other clinical experts in delivering better outcomes, which allow employees to be back on the road to recovery sooner. Through significant cost-reduction via bundled case rates, mymedchoices can provide substantial reductions in the total cost per episode of care. We provide 24/7/365 monitoring with our proprietary Telehealth software.

The premise of bundled payments is simple—healthcare providers are paid a fixed price for a collection of healthcare services centered around an episode of care. Bundled payment programs can be structured to accommodate different patient populations, provider readiness, and market conditions. We help payers and providers navigate these spaces to develop, implement, and maintain a successful bundled payment program. We take the worry off of your Human Resource department by having pre-negotiated bundled pricing with Centers of Excellence.

The Benefits of Promoting Wellness in Business

Mymedchoices also recognizes the benefits of wellness in business. The United States is one of the largest wellness industries in the world because employers are conscious of both productivity and healthcare costs.

Conventional preventive healthcare is expanding to meet new needs, as according to the Stanford Business School, work-related stress is responsible for roughly 5-8% of annual healthcare costs in the United States.

More employers are focused on creating a culture of wellness by incorporating more healthcare options into their employee benefits. mymedchoices can help employers develop successful programs focused on wellness services through a bundled payment program. We work with your organization to find the best wellness programs that have proven outcomes.

How Data and Analytics are Leading the Change in Healthcare

As self-funded employers position to embrace trends in the healthcare industry, challenges such as data integration, privacy and security concerns, and provider resistance tend to slow down progress.

Because of this, using data and analytics to respond to consumer and provider demands, stay competitive, and grow with regulatory compliances is the trend in the healthcare industry. Analytics can help find patterns, and deliver actionable insights to provide employers and providers with new ways to save on healthcare costs.

One way self-funded businesses can start to improve their services is through data and analytics collection. mymedchoices plays a role in supporting the improved benefit administration: improved account management services, as well as frequently monitor the quality of providers within the selected organizations and work collaboratively with medical third-party administrators, provide clinical and financial guarantees for performance of the vendor’s network, improved surgical outcomes, reduced readmission rates, and improved Return on Investment.

Improving Healthcare for Business Through Telehealth

To improve the quality and cost of healthcare, employers and providers need to be able to identify opportunities to optimize the value of their care services. By using telehealth services like the mymedchoices app, providers are able to harness the power of data to reduce variations in care, control healthcare spending, deploy technology costs efficiently, and help engage patients in self-care.

Why Choose Mymedchoices?

Quality, Affordable Healthcare for Employees

Our Centers of Excellence work with the most respected physicians, hospital leaders, nurses, and other clinical experts in providing employees, retired employees, and their dependents, participants through the PPO, with the best healthcare options and the highest quality of care.

Committed to Patient Care and Service

Our care coordinators are committed to helping business and patients every step of the way. We handle the entire procedure coordination, post-procedure care, and follow up. We ensure happier and healthier results.

Divi- Connectivity Nationally and Globally

Our proprietary Telehealth platform allows 24/7 access through our Apple and Android app anywhere, anytime. Patients can make appointments and follow up with their physicians on-the-go no matter where they are.

Pricing Transparency Peace of Mind

By having transparent, upfront pricing and a variety of high-quality healthcare options, patients are provided with affordable care and a stress-free experience. Start giving your employees better choices for their healthcare as well as monitor outcomes.

Flexible Administrative Fee Structuring

Mymedchoices offers several options for how their administrative fees can be structured, including one in which the employer bears no—upfront cost. Due to the meaningful savings per procedure, this fee model will still provide overall cost savings to the self-funded organizations.


Waiving all member cost sharing for use of COE providers and requiring higher member cost sharing.


Encouraging member to contact COE vendor for a consultation and section opinion prior to moving forward with any type of surgery


Prepaying members travel expenses to remove a barrier to accessing COE providers that are located farther away.


Sharing savings with members who use COE providers for care (which for ease of administration, could be calculated as an average amount aggregated across all COE—eligible procedures). Contact

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